The Extended add-on provides a suite of premium features and functionality to enhance the core Instant Images plugin.

In this section:

Search History & Suggestions

The history and suggestions feature of the Extended add-on provides an interface for displaying your most recent searches and autocomplete suggestions for predicting your intended search query. Both of these features can save valuable time when searching for the perfect image and switching between providers.

The predictive search and recent search UI is displayed automatically when interacting with the Instant Images search component.

View recent searches and enable predictive search with Extended for Instant Images
Interacting with the Instant Images search will display the search suggestions and recent searches interface.

Batch Image Imports

Run batch imports from your favorite image providers from right inside your WordPress admin with the Extended add-on.

How to Run a Batch Import

  1. Open the Instant Images Settings screen and scroll to the Import Images section.
    Settings → Instant Images → Import Images
  2. Select from the various query parameters and click the Import Images button.
  3. Track the progress of the import using the feedback display and tools.
Batch image importing screen.
Query parameters selection on the Instant Images Settings screen.
Batch image importing screen during the import process.
Track the import progress and click through to each individual media upload.

During the import process, direct links to each upload will be displayed beneath the Import Images controls.

CLI Imports

The Extended add-on provides WordPress CLI commands to batch import up to 100 images directly to the media library from your terminal.

wp instant-images import


The following parameters are available to modify the CLI image query.

providerThe image provider. unsplash|pexels|pixabayunsplash
numberThe number of images to import.10
searchOptional search term.null
attributionAutomatically add image attributions.false
wp instant-images import --provider=pexels --search="Coffee Shop" --attribution=true

Image Filters

The Image Filters feature of the Extended add-on is a block filter that extends the WordPress core image block and provides a curated set of 34 Instagram-inspired filters that can be applied to existing media library items.

How to Use Image Filters

  1. Add image block to the block editor.
  2. Click the Instant Images icon in the image block toolbar.
  3. Select an image filter from the curated list.
  4. The existing image will be replaced with the newly filtered image.
Image filters selection process in core image block.
Click the Instant Images icon to open the Image Filter selection menu.
Image filters after image replacement screen.
After filtering has been applied, the original image will be replaced with the new media library attachment.

Applying an image filter will create a new image in the media library.

Gutenberg Block

The custom Instant Images block for the WordPress Block Editor editor allows you to search, find and insert images into posts and pages within a matter of seconds.

How to Use the Gutenberg Block

  1. Insert the Instant Images block from the WordPress block inserter.
  2. Browse images from Unsplash, Openverse, Pixabay, and Pexels from right inside the Instant Images block.
  3. Click an image to upload and insert the image immediately into the block editor.
The Instant Images Gutenberg Block for the WOrdPress Block Editor
Inserting images with the custom Instant Images Gutenberg Block.

After image selection, the Instant Images block is immediately replaced with a core image block with the selected image attached.